Young Girl With The Black Hair

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A few months ago around 9 am my 10 year old daughter came into my room freaked out saying that she had just gone into the lounge and there was a little girl sitting in the lounge and that she was sitting the wrong way with her hands resting on the head rest looking at her. My daughter said that she couldn't see her properly but she said that she had black hair and that she looked very depressed and sad, at that time my bedroom was directly off our lounge room so my daughter said that she ran straight back into her room as she would of had to pass this ghost to get to my room.

A couple of weeks later in the morning my 4 year old son came bolting into my room saying that he was scared and that their was a scary girl in the lounge room, mind you my son never heard us talking about my daughters experience in fact it wasn't spoken about much at all.

OK...A couple of months later I had just gotten into bed and closed my eye's and for some strange reason something was telling me to open my eye's... So I did... (My bed faces my doorway - which is attached to our lounge) I opened my eyes and there standing by my bedroom doorway was a little girl with a long white dress on that was dirty she had no shoes on and had Black hair, her head was tilted downwards slightly... I freaked out and hid under the blanket... Yelled out to my husband who was asleep next to me to tell him what I saw, he told me to go to sleep, I told my husband the next day he just laughed at me!

Only yesterday my daughter came to me and said that someone was in the house and that she could hear things in the hall way... I told her not to be silly and there was no one in the house. Last night my husband, son, daughter and me were in the lounge watching TV and I asked my daughter to get me a glass of water... Seconds later my daughter was standing in the arch way between our lounge and kitchen looking as white as a ghost and very disturbed but she didn't have the drink and I asked her where it was and she ignored me I looked at my husband with concern and asked her to get the drink she started to shake her head and started crying we asked her what was wrong she then told us that their was a little girl in the house again that she saw the little girl run into our bathroom from the hall way (you can see our bathroom from our kitchen), while I cuddled my daughter on the lounge (I have never seen my girl so upset) my hubby went and checked out the whole house but didn't see anything...

My hubby is the only one in our home who has not seen this ghost and I really hope one day he does so he then can understand that she is real... I'm not to sure if this has anything to do with it but we rent our property and the owner is a Priest.

Woken Up

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Firstly I live in Victoria, Australia. It was about 2 years ago on Christmas Eve and I was asleep in bed when I was woken up by someone slapping me softly and giggling. When I woke and opened my eyes I saw a little boy with blonde curly hair. He would have been about 5. But as soon as I opened my eyes he walked around my bed and into the closet.

When I saw him he wasn't transparent or anything that I've heard ghosts look like. He was solid just like a human. So when I saw him I thought it was a human in my room so I got out of bed immediately and ran to my closet to see who it was. When I opened the closet door there was no one there so I closed the door and got back into bed. I was quite scared at this time.

My bedroom door has a lock on it (living with untrustworthy housemates) which was locked at the time. As I was lying in bed I saw the lock open, even the little knob thing turned which would not happen if it was opened with a key. The door then opened and I heard a giggle and the door closed again.

I have not had any experiences with anything supernatural before or after that. I would also like to add that the house I live in is quite new and I am the first person to live in it. It has always been an empty block of land. Any help as to what this was or why it did what it did would be greatly appreciated.

Who Has Taken My Abba Cd

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This is my second marriage. My first husband died in 1992 and I remarried in 1995. My current husband and I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. Ever since my first husband passed away I have felt that he is still around;things being moved around, my new husbands photo lying on the carpet in my office and more.

However, I want to relate this incident to you and perhaps somebody could offer an explanation. I awake each morning at 6AM and workout to music in one of the spare bedrooms. Recently, I decided to put on my ABBA CD as I find it extremely stimulating to listen to whilst undergoing my exercise regime). After I had completed the exercise, I turned off the sound equipment and took my little short-haired Lhasa Apso for a walk. The next day, I returned to the room to continue listening to ABBA and discovered there was no sign of the CD. Now, there has been nobody in the house apart from Brian (my husband who, incidentally, is a bit of a sceptic!) and me.

I have searched every CD and all around the room but there is no sign of the ABBA CD. Brian has also endeavoured to find the CD as he would like to prove to me there has been nothing mythical or sinister about this event. But now, ten days later, no CD. The other event is that at night before retiring to her bed, my little Tali (Lhaso Apso) looks in the direction of the room and her tail goes down! Even Brian has noticed this.

I wonder whether any of you have an explanation. Could it be my deceased husband and is he trying to tell me something? Should I talk to him? I am pretty spiritual but have never seen any ghosts. Being a Catholic I should not try to contact the dead but I would like an answer, if there is one...

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